Back in August, four (now three) very concerned looking twenty year olds from London released a hit self-titled album speaking to those who miss the anxious bereavements and calamities of all things lust and lost. With singles such as “Heart Skipped A Beat” heard over the speakers of Urban Outfitters or even on the latest episode of 90210, The xx create a sort of minimalist dream pop drenched in r&b drum (machine) beats that echo the sighs, the aches, the deprivations, the cessations, and the relations of being hip, beautiful, and < twenty years old. This music, combined with the “new” angst, deems an unreturned text as Armageddon; the possibilities of a Craigslist missed connection infinite, yet tragic, because you. will. never. know.
Voluminous and throaty whispers between Romy Madly Croft (also on guitar) and Oliver Sim (also on bass) lace through each other as their assured base lines and twangy staccato guitar melodies are backed up by Jamie Smith’s throbbing MPC Sampler; which all together make for visuals of dark, rainy ocean waves observed from a place like an island balcony in the tropics. Needless to say, The xx make music that’s perfect for losing your virginity to…over and over again.

The xx play a sold-out show at the Bottom Lounge on December 1st. They open for Friendly Fires. Show starts at 8 PM.


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