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Mixtape003: Unobtrusive Easy-Listening

My boss at Chicago Apartment Finders asked me to create a 50-song playlist of “acceptable” music for the office. My instructions included the phrases “no metal” and “nothing too experimental.”  His initial playlist included bands like Green Day and Red Hot Chili Peppers– perfect for the office’s overwhelming clientele of Lincoln Park/Wrigleyville-bound college greeks majoring in finance and frequenting such places as Enclave, Duffy’s, and McGees– but less-than-perfect for people like me. And so (keeping the non-musically tolerant audience in mind) I chose 54 songs I wouldnt mind hearing at work.

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Mixtape002: Teenage Dreams and Things

This patch was sewn onto my hemp messenger bag in high school.

A mixtape I would have made for a boy in high school. It’s pretty bad, but at least it’s honest.

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Mixtape001: Distorted Speed Queens and Reverb Spirals

I hate going to the laundromat for many reasons, but mainly because people glancing over at my underthings makes me uncomfortable. It is, however, a fun place for musical experiments. Because you’re surrounded by fifty something Speed Queen machines and dryers set at various cycle speeds, you’re bound to find a movement match for your music, it’s a place where a life-soundtrack really kicks in. One day I’ll find that the Smashing Pumpkins make for a perfect night-time laundry experience or I’ll opt for an epic one with Beethoven. I’ve listened to a good many genres while waiting for my towels on their damned third round, and I’ve found that nothing consistently captures the multi-colored clothes spiraling around like a nice dose of reverbed psychedelic garage distortion mixed in with a doo-wop feel that’s old-fashioned enough to make me, a woman, feel like I’m fulfilling a duty. Besides, rolling drums and twangy guitars keep me awake in the otherwise dull situation (watching Days of Our Lives on mute isn’t exactly exhilarating), and there’s something a little dirty about lo-fi minimalist garage punk rock that negates being at a place of cleaning. So listen to these songs next time a creepy man is watching you desperately try to prevent your bras from falling to the floor when switching from wash to dry. Be careful though, some will have you zoning into a dryer for longer than anyone needs to.

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